Cross-chain Data Protocol allows dApp developers to link smart contracts from different networks to each other. This enables dApp developers to implement completely new mechanics in the NFT, DAO, DeFi, GameFi, and other markets.
The Cross-chain Data Protocol is based on a decentralized node-oracle network. The network operates on the Roll-DPoS consensus. Transmitted data is cryptographically verified by the decentralized oracle-node network using BLS cryptography and written to the internal EYWA blockchain.Cross-chain call validators are regularly replaced based on reputation and collateral information. This ensures high security and immutability of transmitted data.
All cross-chain transactions are performed via special smart contracts, whose events are listened to by oracle nodes. To send a cross-chain transaction, one must specify a unique identifier of the destination network, the address of the target smart contract and attach the transmitted data as a byte object. Once written to the EYWA blockchain, the cross-chain call can be sent to the destination network within a few epoch.