Data transfer error

A cross-chain operation cannot be executed if the data transfer protocol that facilitates interaction between smart contracts across blockchains is not functioning. The Eywa DEX application does not allow operations to be performed when the data transfer protocol is not working. However, theoretically, force majeure situations can occur when users initiate a cross-chain transaction simultaneously with the failure of the CDP protocol. In this case, the atomic lock/mint and burn/unlock operations will be only partially completed. CDP is designed in such a way that it will first complete the unfinished cross-chain operations once the protocol is restored.

However, by the time the protocol is restored, market conditions may have changed, and the user may want to cancel the execution of the cross-chain operation before it is processed. For this purpose, we have implemented the Emergency withdrawal mechanism.

If the cross-chain transition takes longer than the established time, an error message will appear:

First, the user needs to switch to the network where the message was not delivered. To do this, click on the Change destination network button:

Next, initiate the fund withdrawal operation in the network from which the message was sent but ultimately not delivered:

Click on the Withdraw deposit button and sign the transaction.

Sending the Withdraw transaction ensures that the cross-chain operation will not be continued, the user's funds will be unlocked, and the user will be able to access them.

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