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Tokenomics Eywa/CrossCurve

We present the new improved edition of Eywa tokenomics, developed in accordance with the recommendations of experts, auditors and advisors.
Light version of Eywa tokenomic
The Eywa emission will be finalized 5 years after TGE
Eywa token distribution diagram
🔗 Full version of Eywa tokenomics is available in this spreadsheet

🎬 Initial circulation supply, FDV and initial market cap

Listing price: $0,07 Fully diluted valuation: $70,000,000 Market cap on TGE: $850,500
After TGE, the total circulating number of the Eywa tokens will be 12,150,000 (1,25% of the total supply). This figure represents the sum of the tokens unlocked on the launchpads, market-making tokens, and KOL tokens.

TGE mechanics

The TGE stage includes the following steps:
  1. 1.
    The Eywa token smart contract will be deployed in Ethereum chain;
  2. 2.
    The entire EYWA emission (1 billion tokens) will be issued and then transferred to the Polygon chain using the Eywa Token Bridge.
  3. 3.
    All Eywa token emission will be transferred to the Eywa multisig governance;
  4. 4.
    The vesting contracts will be deployed in Polygon.
  5. 5.
    The Eywa team will send the Eywa token emission to the vesting contracts in accordance with the project’s tokenomics.
  6. 6.
    Token distribution begins with a special section on app.crosscurve.fi which will become available after the TGE. There, users will be able to connect their wallets and access their personal vesting safes, linked to their addresses. During the vesting period, Eywa tokens are unlocked according to the scheme defined in tokenomics, and owners can transfer the unlocked tokens to their wallets.
Unallocated tokens remain under Eywa multisig governance. Eywa multisig members include the Eywa team and selected trusted third-party members comprising our advisers and partners. The multisig will subsequently transfer the project's treasury and contract management rights to CrossCurve DAO's vote holders, who will then select their governing board.

🕐 Eywa token vesting rules

The Eywa tokenomics outline various user categories, each with different lockup periods. After the TGE, all users will receive their personalized safes with vested tokens.
A vesting period is a time interval during which tokens are unlocked according to a previously approved schedule. The tokens’ unlock logic is programmed into smart contracts and cannot be changed.
A vesting mechanism aims to mitigate pressure on a token market price, reduce the likelihood of speculation, protect the interests of token holders, and positively influence the long-term project development.
Details on vesting periods and the unlock scheme are available in the Eywa tokenomics.

The Eywa vesting tokens feature the following:

  1. 1.
    Limited movement. Different categories of tokens have varying levels of token mobility. Private rounds, KOLs, team, advisers participants can only transfer their vesting tokens to whitelisted addresses, facilitating an OTC market
    Other member categories, including all Airdrops rounds and Liquidity round participants can move their tokens but ONLY by using Eywa NFTs. This feature will be available after the NFT collection migrates to Polygon.
    In simple terms, this means that these tokens can be tied to Eywa NFTs and sold on an NFT marketplace at any time before the lock-in period ends.
Migration of Eywa NFTs will be enabled sometime after the TGE. Until then, Eywa NFT tokens can only be purchased on the Tofu marketplace in the Aurora chain.
Once migrated, the collection will be listed on leading marketplaces such as OpenSea and others.
  1. 2.
    Opportunity to use vesting tokens for staking.
    Eywa vesting token holders can stake their tokens (delegate to vote aggregators platforms: Convex, StakeDAO, Yearn) before the end of the vesting period and receive staking/farming rewards.
This feature will become available after CrossCurve DAO integration with the mentioned platforms.
  1. 3.
    Opportunity to participate in the CrossCurve DAO to receive veEYWA votes.
Only veEYWA holders will be eligible to receive rewards for liquidity provision, protocols income and bribes.
Simply put, ONLY veEYWA vote holders will be able to receive EYWA tokens as rewards.
Note: Any changes in the accruals during validators’ rounds will be updated here.