General information

In the first phase, the EYWA Oracle Network will operate in PoA mode. EYWA Oracle Network operation in PoA mode will be supported by more than 100 validator nodes. Each epoch, 40 node-validators will be randomly chosen from the list of network participants, who will validate cross-chain calls during the epoch. The constant rotation of epoch participants (approximately every 12 hours) ensures high network security.

Participation in PoA mainnet will be paid - 30,000 EYWA tokens of additional delegation at the PoS stage for each month of successful operation in PoA mainnet. Only those PoA testnet participant who have successfully passed the testnet phase will be able to join the PoA mainnet.

Full requirements for the PoA mainnet participants can be found in Requirements for PoA mainnet validators section.

If the validator shows poor validation statistics (for example, low node uptime), the EYWA team reserves the right to remove him from the PoA validators and take another one in his place.

EYWA Oracle Network in PoA mode will support CLP and CDP until the PoS version is released.

Composition of mainnet

In mainnet, the composition of the participants will be as follows:

  1. Participants who have successfully passed the testnet phase and applied for participation in the PoA mainnet (>100 nodes). You can find a participant form to fill out at this link.

  2. EYWA team nodes (7 nodes).

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