Application for participation in PoA mainnet

In order to participate in the PoA mainnet, you need to provide information about yourself according to the form.

Participants who meet the following criteria will be allowed into the PoA mainnet:

  1. The validator successfully passed the PoA testnet phase. Successful completion of the PoA test phase will be determined by the EYWA technical team according to the following criteria: rating in EYWA explorer, validator rank on the results of the quests, data provided by the project and engagement.

  2. The validator meets requirements for nodes in the PoA mainnet. Technical requirements for the PoA mainnet participants can be found in Requirements for PoA mainnet validators section.

After passing the screening and receiving confirmation, tokens (EYWA-PoA ) will be sent to the address you specified, which can be used to register a node in governance smart contracts.

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