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Security audits

EYWA CDP security audit by Smartstate

The core architectural element of the EYWA ecosystem is the EYWA Cross-chain Data Protocol, which is a transport layer between blockchains. All EYWA products for DeFi users are based on this protocol.
Although at the time of this audit the core of EYWA multisig is represented by a trusted group of projects, EYWA aims for DAO, as reflected in EYWA project current documentation.
CDP Smart Contracts: These smart contracts serve as a means for sending and accepting cross-chain calls. They also include a node registration contract used in the Proof of Authority (POA) consensus among oracle nodes.
Smart State evaluation: 8/10
CDP report from SmartState

EYWA CLP security audit by Smartstate

EYWA Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol ensures the operation of EYWA DEX v1
CLP smart contracts - are smart contracts for processing synth and burn operations, as well as mint and lock tokens. They are also responsible for swap processing and liquidity handling operations.
Smart State evaluation: 10/10
CLP report from SmartState
🔗 Link to SmartState EYWA reports.

Security audits by Hexens

The Hexens team audited various components of EYWA, such as the BLS cryptography module in EYWA CDP as well as EYWA NFT.