How to trade

Eywa DEX provides a user-friendly experience for conducting operations between different blockchains. All cross-chain transactions, such as token transfers, cross-chain stablecoin exchanges, and cross-chain buying and selling of assets, can be performed from a single interface.

Step 1. To access Eywa Cross-chain DEX, go to

Step 2. Go to the Trade section.

Step 3. Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect wallet button in the top right corner.

Step 4. In the FROM field, specify the token and the network from which you are sending. This can be done in a special modal window [link] that appears when you click on the network or token icon.

Step 5. In the TO field, specify the token and the receiving network.

If you wish to receive tokens at an address different from the one initiating the cross-chain transaction, specify it in the Recipient address.

Step 6. In the FROM field, enter the amount of tokens you are sending. The amount of tokens you will receive in the TO field will be calculated automatically.

Step 7. Review the details of the cross-chain operation. In the dropdown menu, you can review the key details of the cross-chain operation (expected output, exchange rate, fee structure), and its routing. You can find more information about the operation details in the Operation details section.

Step 8. Give the Eywa DEX application Approve or Permit permission for the EYWA DEX smart contracts to interact with the assets you are sending, as specified in the FROM field.

Step 9. Click the button to execute the cross-chain operation.

If the transaction has a high price impact, an additional window will appear before signing the transaction, where you will need to confirm the operation. This is to prevent accidental loss of user funds.

Step 10. Sign the transaction in the wallet connected to the application.

After submitting a cross-chain transaction, you can track the progress of the cross-chain operation in the Transaction history:

Each cross-chain operation consists of multiple stages. In the Transaction history section, users can track the status of its execution and review its component transactions.

If a cross-chain operation was interrupted for any reason, you will see an appropriate notification in the Transaction history. The interface will provide options for further actions. For more detailed information, you can refer to the Error in Cross-Chain Operation section.

A modal window is used for selecting networks and token s:

On the left side, click on the desired network. The right side will display all available tokens for sending/receiving in that network. You can use the search function to find a specific token by its name or address.

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