Requirements for PoA mainnet validators

System requirements

  • Dedicated server with public ip address on Linux, OS Ubuntu >= 20.04

  • 4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM)

  • Minimum requirements - 50 GB of free disk space (SSD), recommended - 100 GB SSD

  • Stable internet connection 70 - 100 Mbps

For stable operation of the node-validator it is recommended to use the following hosters: Vultr, Hetzner, Interserver, AWS, Google cloud.

Also you can use a self-hosted/collocation dedicated server.

By default, EYWA provides RPC for nodes to run. It is highly recommended to have several RPC for each chain which support this methods: eth_chainId eth_call eth_gasPrice eth_estimateGas eth_getBlockByHash eth_getBlockByNumber eth_blockNumber eth_getTransactionByHash eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHash eth_getTransactionReceipt eth_getLogs eth_subscribe_newHead eth_unsubscribe_newHead eth_sendRawTransaction

The reserve RPCs must support the https and ws protocols. Having a several RPC will allow your node to maintain stable operation in case the provided RPCs become unstable.

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