DeFi is the future of global financial institutions. Currently, we are seeing only the very first stages of development of this sector. Nevertheless, large venture funds and institutional investors, such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital and others, are already investing solid amounts of capital into its evolution, development of smart blockchains and DeFi protocols. As a result, this causes a technological race.

The competition of DeFi ecosystems will eventually lead to the creation of simple financial products for the mass market. Products that will be available in every mobile device and will not require users to understand in detail how blockchains work, in which assets the fees are paid, in which wallets these assets should be stored, and other similar nuances.

At the same time, at Eywa we believe that a sufficient number of blockchains with good technologies and great prospects have already been created. As a consequence, it is more reasonable to establish cooperation between these giants, rather than trying to create new ones.

That is why we do not give preferences to any blockchain. Eywa is a basic solution for creating a new generation of cross-chain DeFi protocols that does not try to become a super-system. Many other DeFi protocols and solutions will be built on the basis of Eywa by third-party developers. First of all, the Eywa philosophy involves integration, competition and cooperation among many teams creating DeFi products and increasing the overall synergy of the market.

Using our solution, market players will be able to work not only within heterogeneous DeFi ecosystems, as it was before, but also among them, having access to the liquidity of several blockchains at once. Thanks to this, many new markets and concepts will appear within the framework of DeFi and new people, and new capital will come to DeFi.

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