⚑Eywa NFT Collection

Unique NFTs from Eywa!

The Eywa NFT collection comprises 53,996 unique NFTs featuring images of four mythical characters. The NFT characters consist of various layers, ranging from the background and body to clothing and hairstyle. There are five types of rarity within the EYWA NFTs: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Infinity.

The most fortunate users have acquired or will acquire the β€œInfinity NFT(s) Magicians” - there are only 193 of such within the entire EYWA NFT Collection.

The collection is currently hosted on the Aurora blockchain and is accessible on the Tofu NFT Marketplace.

Here is the Eywa NFT collection address.

Eywa NFT trading Telegram chats links: English speaking region CIS region

Eywa NFT Characters

The characters in the collection are unique creations, drawing inspiration from beloved science fiction universes.

The Magician Crafted from leaves and various flora types, the magician is inspired by the Star Wars universe and Elemental creatures, as well as ancient Roman and Greek mythology.

The Dryad This character is inspired by ancient Greek myths, aliens, and the golden era of science fiction, presenting a stunning fusion of a wood nymph with a World of Warcraft (WoW) hero.

The Ent Assembled from tree bark and roots, the Ent is inspired by the Ents from the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) universe, Swamp Thing from DC Comics, and Groot from Marvel.

The Spider The spider character embodies an aggressive, dynamic figure, combining an arachnid with a trickster β€” a mix of Baal from Diablo II, Monsters, Inc., and other characters, infused with elements of insects and alien life forms.

We have deliberately directed our design team to embrace a β€œfairytale” aesthetic in the creation of our characters' likenesses. Regardless of age, we all cherish a touch of magic in our lives.

Echoing the words of Steve Jobs: β€œFollow your heart, stay hungry, stay foolish!” we are committed to developing the finest cross-chain product on the market. Thank you for your support!

πŸ”₯ What use cases do the Eywa NFTs have?

  1. Container Each Eywa NFT acts as a container for Eywa tokens. It is possible to attach both locked Eywa tokens from public rounds (containing all types of Airdrops, Retrodrop and Liquidity round tokens) as well as unlocked Eywa tokens to an NFT. This feature enables the sale of locked Eywa tokens at any given time. Capacity - the number of tokens that can be contained depends on the NFT rarity. For details, see the table below.

  1. Merge It is possible to merge several Eywa NFTs of the same class to create a single, higher-class NFT. The token balances within these NFTs will also be combined. For details, see the table below:

  1. veEYWA votes booster To obtain votes in the CrossCurve DAO, users must lock Eywa tokens; the duration of the lock affects the number of votes a user receives. Furthermore, using an Eywa NFT can increase the number of votes. Each NFT type is capable of boosting the number of votes by a fixed number of tokens, equivalent to its Π‘apacity. For details, see the table below:

For example, a user with 100,000 EYWA tokens could use one Legendary NFT to multiply their votes by 2.8 times, one Infinity NFT to do so by 3 times, or four Rare NFTs for a 1.3 times boost each. Users may leverage any number of NFTs to increase veEYWA votes until the combined capacity matches their position.

β›“ Migration to Arbitrum

After the collection will be migrated to the Arbitrum chain, all the above mentioned features will become available. Following the TGE, the Eywa Team will provide a bridge for NFTs, as well as user-friendly interfaces on their platform, allowing full utilization of your NFTs. Naturally, you will be able to access the tokens contained within the NFT, and we will ensure the collection is added to the major marketplaces.

Stay tuned for our announcements. Thank you for your continued support!

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