Slippage condition

If an interruption occurs in one of the pools in the cross-chain transaction chain due to the slippage condition, the tokens that were input into the pool will be credited to the sender's account, and the user will be prompted to continue the operation.

If an operation is interrupted in the Stable swap pool system due to the slippage condition, the user's account will be credited with s- and e-tokens. These tokens are backed by stablecoins locked in Portal smart contracts on supported CLP networks. Through EYWA DEX, you can exchange these s- and e-tokens for stablecoins.

After clicking the Continue operation button, the application will then switch to Continue opeation mode. The difference between Continue operation mode and Normal mode is that in Continuous mode the user will be sent a native currency (if there is no native asset at his address to make a transaction) to pay for gas for continuing the transaction from the blockchain where the interruption occurred.

After pressing the button, the user will be taken to the Swap interface with preselected assets:

In the top FROM field, the "intermediate" tokens that were credited to the user's wallet on the network where the operation was interrupted will be selected.

In the bottom TO field, the desired asset that the user initially wanted to receive but the operation was interrupted will be selected.

Sequence of actions in the Continue operation mode window:

  1. Review transaction details such as Slippage and exchange rate in the dropdown menu.

  2. Give permission for the application to interact with the asset

  3. Sign transaction.

If user changes values in Input or Output field, the application will switch to normal mode and no native asset will be transferred to the user's account to pay for the gas.

The user will have one free attempt to continue the transaction with new fees and Slippage conditions. If for some reason you can not continue the operation, create a ticket in our Zendesk and our support team will help you.

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