Liquidity Aggregator
As planned in the upcoming releases, using our Liquidity Aggregator will grant projects opportunities to perform any token to any token swap, utilize all DeFi liquidity for trading and search for the best offers on the market in one UI.
For projects with existing liquidity pools in any of decentralized exchanges in the supported by us networks, we will be providing the offer to aggregate routes through our Hubchain to buy and sell tokens from any chains supported by our protocol.
On the scheme below, you can find the use case of how it will be possible to buy and sell tokens for stablecoins via our Hubchain pool:
In order to perform such case of cross-chain trading from BNB chain to Polygon as above, it will be necessary to complete the following steps:
Step 1. The user will need to place a buy / sell order on BNB chain via EYWA cross-chain DEX to receive token X on Polygon for BUSD;
Step 2. The amount of BUSD provided by the user will get locked and minted for sBUSD_BNB;
Step 3. sBUSD_BNB will be added to the eBUSD pool after what the LP tokens in a form of eBUSD will be received by the user in our Hubchain;
Step 4. Once LP tokens will be obtained, eBUSD will be swapped for eUSDC in the eUSDC pool after what the LP tokes in the form of eUSDC will be received;
Step 5. Liquidity from eUSDC pool will be removed and obtained sUSDC_POL will get burnt;
Step 6. USDC sent from BNB chain will get unlocked on Polygon;
Step 7. At this stage, USDC will be possible to swap to token X. Note: it will be also possible to perform bridging as the further step after the described process and bridge token X to other supported chains.
The following case on the scheme below describes the upcoming release of the opportunity for the users to exchange various tokens among each other in different networks via our Hubchain:
The step by step process is planned to be as follows:
Step 1. The user will send token X with the help of EYWA Cross-chain DEX and will see the best offer for the swap;
Step 2. Token X will be swapped to USDС on the source network;
Step 3. USDC will be locked in the source network and eUSDT will be minted in Hubchain;
Step 4. eUSDT will get swapped to eUSDC in Hubchain after what eUSDC will be burnt;
Step 5. On the destination network, USDC will be unlocked and the best swap offer will be shown to the user;
Step 6. USDC will be swapped to token Y and the user will receive the latter on the target chain.
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