General information

All changes to the protocol parameters are made by the decision of EYWA Governance, which consists of the following roles:

1) Operator - a private key or keys used to perform actions that require promptness and quick response. The Operator can also perform routine calls to smart contracts that do not require decentralized control, as they do not pose potential security threats to the funds in the protocol. Different EYWA smart contracts can have different Operators, which are determined by the Multisig.

Operator does not directly influence the parameters of the CDP and CLP protocols, nor do they interact with the funds. Therefore, members of the EYWA technical team perform the role of Operator.

2) Operator Multisig - actions required for the proper functioning of the CDP and CLP protocol mechanics (e.g., adding projects to the whitelist, token management for Balancier, etc.) are signed from this key by the EYWA technical team. Thus, Operator Multisig signs transactions from the technical team necessary for project management and fees in CLP. Operator Multisig is composed of members of the EYWA technical team.

3) Multisig - a multisig controlling the key parameters of the protocol. It operates on a 5/7 scheme and consists of both members of the EYWA team and external authoritative individuals and organizations associated with the project. The Multisig can add and remove participants with the Operator role.

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