What does Multisig oversee?

The Multisig regulates the KEY parameters of the CDP and CLP protocols and manages assets (protocol fees, Treasure) in the following networks:

  1. Ethereum

  2. BNB chain

  3. Polygon

  4. Avalanche

  5. Fantom

  6. Arbitrum

  7. Optimism

The primary responsibilities of the Multisig include:

  1. Appointing Operator for EYWA's smart contracts

  2. Configuring CDP protocol parameters in BridgeV2, GovBridgeV2, GateKeeper, NodeRegistryV2 smart contracts

  3. Configuring CLP protocol parameters in AddressBook, Portal, Synthesis, BaseRouter smart contracts.

Proposal format

Any actions by the Multisig are carried out through the Proposal mechanism. Each Proposal consists of two parts:

1) Technical transaction description.

Here, you need to specify:

  1. Network

  2. Smart contract name and address

  3. Smart contract method and its signature

  4. Call arguments

2) Textual description of the change and the justification for its necessity.

The Multisig performs configuration of multiple parameters and carries out various actions with the CDP and CLP protocol smart contracts. For the convenience of Multisig participants, the EYWA technical team will provide detailed textual descriptions and justifications for the proposed changes. This will significantly help participants to understand the essence of the proposed changes more quickly.

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