Mint NFT

Unique NFTs from EYWA!
Our collection consists of 4 mythical characters with different kinds of modifications. Each NFT is randomly created from different layers, which ultimately forms a single character image: body, head, legs, background and a layer with accumulated points. This combination of layers will form the final value of each NFT.
EYWA NFT characters are unique creations, based on the Sci-Fi universes we all know and love. Being a diverse and multicultural team, we have used a number of inspirations in order to create a world of our own within the EYWA infrastructure. Residents of the EYWA world live lives just like us, but their duties also involve the performance of several functions within the EYWA Cross-Chain Data & Liquidity Protocol, based on their unique skill sets.
The NFT Characters are generated from a combination of layers, starting from the background and body, to clothes, hair and the number of locked tokens. Uniqueness is determined depending on the content of the token: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary.
The Magician Composed of leaves and other types of flora, the magician has come inspired by the Star Wars universe, as well as the Elemental creatures, as well as ancient Roman and Greek.
The Dryad This character is inspired by ancient Greek mythology, aliens and the golden age of science fiction, producing a gorgeous blend of a wood nymph and a WOW hero.
The Ent Made up of tree bark and roots, Ent is an inspiration and a blend of Ent from the LOTR universe , the Swamp Thing from DC and Groot from Marvel.
The Spider The spider is an aggressive, dynamic image that combines a freakish arachnid with a trickster — a mix of Baal from Diablo II, Monsters, Inc. and other characters, topped up with a mixture of insects and alien beings.
We have specifically instructed our design team to take on a “fairytale” approach when it comes to creating our characters' images. No matter our age, we all love some magic in our lives. As Steve Jobs once said “Follow your heart, stay hungry, stay foolish”. We are hungry for the best cross-chain solution in the crypto space & hope you are too! Thank you for being with us!
Owning an EYWA NFT entitles you to receive EYWA tokens. The number of EYWA tokens and the rarity of the NFT will be determined by the points accumulated in the Alpha test.
Our distribution:
◽️Common - 20,060 NFTs ◽️Uncommon - 23,602 NFTs ◽️Rare - 8,165 NFTs ◽️Legendary - 1,189 NFTs
The probability of getting a rarer NFT depends on which "tier" the total point amount accumulated by the user in the Alpha test corresponds to.
Distribution of NFTs by "tiers", according to their total points:
🔸 1st tier: 110 - 2000 points
Total users - 25077
▫️common - 80% ▫️uncommon - 18% ▫️rare - 1.5% ▫️legendary - 0.5%
🔸 2nd tier: 2001- 3000 points
Total users - 23862
▫️common - 0% ▫️uncommon - 80% ▫️rare - 18% ▫️legendary - 2%
🔸 3rd tier: 3001 - 5000 points
Total users - 3676
▫️common - 0% ▫️uncommon - 0% ▫️rare - 95% ▫️legendary - 5%
🔸 4th tier: 5001 - 100,000 points
Total users - 401
▫️common - 0% ▫️uncommon - 0% ▫️rare - 0% ▫️legendary - 100%
The total number of points earned is: 97,352,989.5
🔹 The total number of EYWA tokens to drop is: 10,000,000
10,000,000 / 97,352,989.5 = 0.102718
🔹 The price per 1 alpha point is: 0.102718 EYWA tokens.
The luckiest of users have acquired or will obtain the ultra rare NFT(s) Magicians that are only 149 in the EYWA NFT Collection!
Visit our Medium to find out more details on the EYWA NFT Collection via this link.